MATV Solution

Sat Link Engineering has many years of experiences of providing MATV solution to our customers and for more than 250 different locations in whole Malaysia.

As part of our effort to provide a better service to our customer, we invested in top-notch and latest technologies and equipments. This enables us more rapidly and accurately to diagnose, analyze and suggest solutions to resolve the clients’ problems.

Other than installation works, Sat Link Engineering has been primarily helps our customers to eliminate TV signal interference, signal reflection, signal reception flaw and so on. Helping customers to achieve a better performance TV signal and vivid TV image quality is always our goal.

Here is the list of services available to our customer:

    -Install MATV Additional FM Channels, TV Channels.
    -Apply licence, Supply & Install Direct CNN Satellite Channel For Hotel.
    -Supply & Install Astro SMATV Head End & CNN Direct Satellite Channel For Select TV IPTV System.
    -Install Hotel Info Channel.
    -Improve Room TV Reception, enhance MATV Signal Quality.
    -Upgrade MATV Head end, CATV Trunk Amplifier, Re    -arrange CCIR Channel Allocation, Signal Balancing.
    -Floor Refurbishment.
    -Coaxial Cabling Works & Commscope under ground coaxial cable.
    -Replaced Distribution Amplifier For RF Signal Enhancement.
    -Supply & Install Agile modulator, distribution amplifer, local head end.
    -Supply & Install Extron Matrix Switcher,AV Distributor.
    -Channelised Amplifier, Modulator, Distribution Amplifier, Active & Passive Components.
    -Supply & Install LCD TV.

The gallery below shows examples of MATV services and products we have offered to our customers for enhance their MATV system.

To let us to help you to find room for improvement for your MATV system, do contact us.


PA System Solution

PA system (Public Address System) Upgrade, Installation Work.

    PA system Upgrade Work (Digital Paging System) at Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur Hotel, June 2009.


SMATV Solution


CCTV installation


Audio Visual & Projector Rental